Printing Equipment Inc.

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Our newest Polar 115 Rebuild

Our newly upgraded saftey beams.

Manufactured for our D&D cutter Rebuilds.

When we rebuild a cutter, We  don't just paint and mask.  We Strip it down to the frame, and send out the Hydraulic pumps to make sure they are up to spec. 

Our very own

Universal Cut n' Clamp Board ( upgrade)

With industry safety, stability and ease of use in mind, our universal board continues to impress it's users. The board takes the place of the control circuits in the knives, safety beams and no repeat cut. In keeping with safety regulations, it is designed with a .03 second cutting solution.  Both cutting buttons must be press within .03 seconds of each other to make the cut. Note: All the knifes current safety network is still used.


 Designed, so that all parts are available and changeable by the operator, with an led for each relay. If a relay is not lit, you know which is not working. All the operator need do, is plug a new relay in place. This results in little or no downtime.  Cut and clamp takes the place of 10 normal boards in just one application, making installation a breeze when installing an after market computer. With only 10 wires to hook up, and a few changes to switches, your in business!  Making it simpler and easier for your operator to work with

  • Double switch cut control.
  • Minimum of .03 seconds between cut switch and activation.
  • Saftey Beams
  • Anti cut repeat


  • Cut enable included for cutters and computer control.
  • Safety circuit is 24VDC - Transformer supplied if needed.
  • Safety pin, clutch and clamp voltages of cutter, 2 different voltages may be used - (ex. safety pin is 110 VAC).
  • All existing switches ( ex. cam switches, solenoids) are used.
  • Fuses control each function and LED's indicating each relay function, for ease of troubleshooting.
  • All parts plug in and are available at local electronic suppliers.